FAQ|A hot spring inn with free-flowing water from the Saga source Furuya hot spring・Oogiya




Regarding accommodations

From what time can we check-in?

Check-in is from 3:00 pm onwards.
Until what time does checking-in have to be done?

Please check-in before 9:00 pm. Please call us should you arrive past that.
When is check-out time?

Check-out is until 10:00 am.
Can check-out be done early in the morning.

Check-out can be done from 7:00 am onwards but please let us know if you need to check-out earlier than that.
※At such a time we may not be able to provide breakfast.
Do you accept credit cards?

We can accept VISA・MASTER and some JCB cards.

Guest rooms

Do you have No Smoking rooms?

Our inn is entirely smoke-free.
Do you have rooms with beds?

We have 2 rooms with beds, a Japanese-style room (with a double bed) and a Western-style room (with twin beds).
Do the rooms come with a bath and toilet.

所All guest rooms have a bathroom with toilet. However, the baths in the rooms are not hot spring baths.


Can dinner be served inside the guest rooms?

We apologize. Our inn serves dinner in the dining hall.
Can breakfast be served in the guest rooms?

This is also served in the dining hall.
Can the meals be also upgraded etc?

We can accommodate your wishes if you will let us know ahead of time.
Can you provide meals for those with certain allergies etc.?

If you will let us know ahead of time we can provide meals to the extent of what we are able.
We will be bringing along small children. Can they eat with us in the dining hall?

We have made certain arrangements in the dining hall so there is no need to worry.
Is dinner time fixed?

Dinner is served at 6:00 pm and at 6:30 pm only.
Is breakfast time fixed?

Breakfast starts at 7:30 / 8:00 / 8:30 am only.

The hot springs

Please let us know when the large bath can be used.

3:00 pm - 10:00 pm and from 6:00 am - 9:30 am the following day.
Do you have an open air bath?

No, our inn only has indoor baths.
Do you have private reserved baths?

Can we use the hot springs without staying overnight?

Yes. ¥700 per guest (comes with a free face towel).
※We do not have fixed closed times so we would appreciate it if you would let us know ahead.
Is there a ticket for hot spring-hopping in Furuya hot springs?

There is a “Nuruyu voucher” for going around the hot springs. 1 voucher costs 1200 yen and entitles you to enter the hot springs of up to 3 establishments. For more details click here:

Inside the inn

Do you have an elevator?

Our apologies. We do not have an elevator.
Can we access the internet?

You can access the internet at the lobby. We have free WIFI.
Do you have a curfew?

The entrance door will be closed at 11 pm. Please let us know beforehand if you will arrive past 11 pm.
Can we make reservations for parties etc?

We can provide a large banquet hall separately from the dining hall therefore we can accept group reservations. Feel free to ask us about pick-up and drop-off services.
Are children allowed in the banquet hall?

Of course. The rates vary according to the chosen plan therefore please refer to the list of plans.

Making a reservation

Until what time can I make a reservation by telephone?

We can accept reservations by phone until 9 pm. Later than that will be processed the next day.
Cancellation fees

The basic cancellation fee is 50% on the 3rd day after making the reservation. Cancellation on the day itself, or making no communication at all will result in a 100% charge.
Do you accept group reservations?

We have a large banquet hall which is 50 tatami (maximum of 40 guests) ・ and a medium-sized banquet hall which is 30 tatami (maximum of 20 guests).
Can we make reservations for golf or grand golf etc?

Arrangements can be made. Please let us know the details.

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873 Furuya, Fuji-cho, Saga city, Saga prefecture, Postal code 840-0501